Participate in our Volunteer Programs

At Soydoy, we value those who put their talents to work for others. We work on the following sustainable development objectives that you can join:

1) Ending poverty

2) Zero hunger

3) Health and well-being

4) Quality education

10) Reduction of inequalities

17) Alliances to achieve our objectives

Transform your special moments into an opportunity to help others:

Invite your family and friends to donate in your name, for your birthday, wedding, company party, Christmas, condolences, or any other occasion you wish.

Join the “Soyamigo” plan:

which consists of a monthly contribution to support the development of our projects in the following areas:


Buy healthy products for all your business or family events

We have a social food company, designed to delight the palate of its customers, and ensure quality products. 100% of the proceeds are reinvested in our social projects. Our food meets all quality standards.

My name is Ibtissam El Mejjad, I am 28 years old, and I am from Morocco. I had the opportunity to spend 3 months in Bogota and I chose Soydoy as a charity organisation to do volunteer work. Soydoy caught my attention because I believe a lot in their projects, which not only help the most vulnerable families, but also enable them to generate their own income and stimulate their local economy. The 3 months I spent there were wonderful.

Ibtissam El Mejjad

For us, working with Soydoy has been an opportunity to make our dreams come true by building the capacity of vulnerable communities. We share a vision of sustainability, which has been materialized through nutrition projects, income generation and volunteer meetings. They allow us to strengthen solidarity and a new vision of the world for our employees…

Margarita Vallejo Combariza