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Nutritional food security is an issue that concerns us all, and as such, it requires specific actions for each population group.

With 15 years of experience and through close collaboration with different social groups, we have been able to consolidate our own content and methodologies. These approaches aim to bring the population closer to our Nutriempowerment model in a comprehensive, accessible, and dynamic way. Our goal is to strengthen their capacities to improve their relationship with nutrition. For more information about our model, click here

We have trained more than 3,000 people at the national level in communities across 12 departments of the country

We have designed actions and contents tailored to various types of organizations and social groups, including communities, corporations, educational institutions, and more. These are customized plans that provide specific responses to the needs and characteristics of each collective environment.


We start with common foundations such as individual socio-emotional well-being, nutritional food security, agroecology, and the management of economic resources related to food; all of which are central elements in generating actions towards achieving sustainable food systems.


Our goal is to ensure that all topics related to strengthening food environments and systems can be internalized by everyone who accesses our content.