For us, working with Soydoy has been an opportunity to make our dreams come true by building the capacity of vulnerable communities. We share a vision of sustainability, which has been materialized through nutrition projects, income generation and volunteer meetings. They allow us to strengthen solidarity and a new vision of the world for our employees. Soydoy is our strategic partner in community intervention and together we hope to continue to have a positive and lasting impact on more people in the country.

Margarita Vallejo Combariza
Head of Communications and Social Responsibility 
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Testimonio individual

My name is Ibtissam El Mejjad, I am 28 years old, and I am from Morocco. I had the opportunity to spend 3 months in Bogota and I chose Soydoy as a charity organisation to do volunteer work. Soydoy caught my attention because I believe a lot in their projects, which not only help the most vulnerable families, but also enable them to generate their own income and stimulate their local economy. The 3 months I spent there were wonderful. I met incredible and very inspiring people. I also had a great time with the children in the care centre. I will never forget the image of their smiles.

I worked mainly on the fundraising strategy and the design of the website, and I learned a lot. This experience will remain unforgettable.

Today, I live in Paris, and even from a distance, I follow the work of the foundation closely and I am still available to help as much as possible.

I cannot wait to go back one day!

Ibtissam El Mejjad.