Invest in our transformation to became a Social business

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Our invitation to you

Now is time to be sustainable and profitable to increase our social impact.

We decided to compress our knowledge and experience with communities to offer a robust service to companies.

We need capital to build this service with the structure it needs.

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Progress Bar - Crowdfunding

$2.478,58 raised of $165.000 goal

Donations: 5 / $165,000 to go

What we have achieved so far:

We have been delivering this service with a minimum of resources, and we have some opportunities ahead that will need us to build this unit as it deserves to. One of these opportunities is working with companies not only in Colombia, but in LATAM.

We started this business unit in 2022 and now we have 9 clients

Our services last approximately between 4 and 6 months in each company. The sales cycles are 6 months.

The average ticket is between $8.000 usd and $12.000 usd and the profit margin is 35%.

How much do we need

$165.000 of nonrefundable funds.

  • 11 months of working capital
  • Technology
  • Content development

to increase the number of clients and be able to cover the opportunity we have ahead.

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Caring For Colombia is our fiscal sponsor, a 501c entity that certifies your donation in the US.

Progress Bar - Crowdfunding

$2.478,58 raised of $165.000 goal

Donations: 5 / $165,000 to go

About us: 

Soydoy is 2 months away from accomplishing 16 years of work, living our mission of reducing malnutrition through a systemic and sustainable model called Nutriempowerment. We have impacted 85 communities, in 12 of the 36 states in Colombia, reaching the lives of more than 34 thousand people, most of them women, children, and youth.  

Some important data about nutrition and productivity:

It has been found that employee productivity can increase by at least 2% when workers make healthy food choices and when they adopt healthy eating habits (Dickinson, 2020).

It is estimated that the return on investment of well-managed wellness programs can be as high as US$6 for every US$1 invested.

According to studies, corporate wellness programs have saved companies $250 million in healthcare costs over the past decade.

77% of productivity losses are health-related.

The average annual productivity loss per worker due to obesity ranges from USD$270.79 to USD$541.58.

According to studies, overweight and obese people miss 3 to 7 days more days per year from work due to health-related situations than people with an adequate body mass index (BMI). For each BMI point increase, the risk of absenteeism from work increases by 6.3%.

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